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Motorcycles have changed a lot especially over the last several years. Changes in design and new and innovating technology has bought about a vast array of products that would never have been seen on motorcycles in the earlier days.

Motorcycle luggage is something that started becoming more popular after the 1960’s. riders were able to travel further and further distances. With this riders needed to be able to carry items with them and so this added to the development of items such as the saddlebags, panniers and other such luggage.

Luggage may be manufactured using materiel such as nylon or denier, PU leather, PVC or cordura which are all soft materials. Injection moulded plastic or other such material may be used in the construction of hard type bags.

In general saddlebags and panniers will come as a set of two but can also be purchased as a single item

Touring bikes will often come with the luggage attached to the bike as a semi permanent or removable item, other bikes need to have a luggage rack attached to enable you to attach the bag securely . These racks also help stop damage to your bike or keep the luggage away from areas such as the exhaust .

Another option is a throw over type saddlebag. The convenience of these items is the fact that they are easily removable, you can take them with you, some have the option of also acting as a backpack type bag. For the more permanent pannier or saddlebag options it is important you have a secure locking system.

If the bike is a cruiser or even a touring type bike and has a sissy bar or luggage rack a sissy bar bag or tail bag might be the one to get. There are quite a number of these items ranging in size from very small up to bags that are quite large and are even expandable to enable you to put in those extra items. Sissy bar bags generally have lots of pockets for additional items and some come with a barrel bag that can be attached, some also allow you to use them as a backpack.

The tail bag is a bag you may see more often on sports type bikes but can be used on any nearly any bike. These bags can be somewhat similar in fea Bcbg Max tures to the sissy bar bags but in general are not as big, they can still make your biking more convenient by having somewhere to put those extra items.

A lot of bags these days feature extra pockets for smaller items drinks bottles wallets and key storage also pockets for ipods and cell phones for extra conv Bcbg Max enience.

It’s important that you choose the luggage that’s most suited to your needs, type of riding you are doing and even give some thought to weather conditions you are most likely to be riding in, that way you’ll not only get the best value for money but also the best durability from your purchase.

Nylon bags can be cleaned using a mild detergent. Wash them then wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Make sure you let them dry properly

Keep you nylon bags away from electronic equipment.

These days there are special leather cleaning agents available, these agents may need to be diluted, take care to read the instructions for use carefully. Often these agents cannot be applied directly, use a soft cloth with warm water.

Leather is not water proof as such, therefore if it gets wet or damp during the cleaning process or at any other time be sure to allow the leather to dry properly. It is best to let it dry in a well ventilated room and allow it to dry naturally. Do not dry with a heater dire Bcbg Max ctly as this may cause the leather to dry and crack. You can keep the leather in good condition by using a conditioner or neetsfoot oil is also very good.

When attaching you bags to your bike always make sure they are secure, a loose bag could cause you to lose balance or the bag might come off completely causing danger to yourself or to others.

Loose luggage may also cause damage to your motorcycle through abrasion. Be sure luggage is kept away from your exhaust and don’t allow l Bcbg Max oose straps to get near the wheels or other moving parts.

Always check you luggage before you ride, and never overload as this may increase the risk of the luggage becoming loose or coming off the bike completely

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