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One Checked Bag

The Difficulty of Traveling without a Computer

I guess this has been a good exercise, living without my laptop for over a month, and relying on my phone for internet access. I never been completely disconnected, but my lack of access still disturbed me. I chose not to use tumblr on my phone because of the amount of time it takes to load content, and so this is the first post I been able to make since I started my journey.

I now on a different continent, the last one I visit before I head home to California. I don really know where to start, I seen so much, tried tons of new things and met amazing people. I got about three weeks left on this trip, and as I get closer to the end I just starting to realise how a Bcbg Max Azria mazing this opportunity has been. It all gonna hit me at once, the moment when I accept that this trip is over, and I have to return to my normal life, but I won let that stop me from looking into the future! I got plans, big plans, and I don intend t Bcbg Max Azria o stop very long. I don want a norm Bcbg Max Azria al life, and this trip has reinforced my wanderlust.

I update this blog as I get a chance, but a majority of my posts will be made after this adventure is over. I going to have a m Bcbg Max Azria ajor case of nostalgia when I go through the thousands of pictures I taken. I make a slideshow, but I pretty sure no one, not even my parents would want to sit through a 12 hour slideshow.

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