Bcbg Dresses One of the many PVC bags avail

One of the many PVC bags available

GOT your chic dress on? Check. Designer handbag? Check. Car keys? Check. Lunch packed in that awful looking wrinkled plastic bag? Check.

Wait a minute. That doesn’t sound right!

Think about it. Most of us probably stuff our packed lunch from home in one of those awful pink plastic bags from the hawker or some supermarket throw away bag. Others carry around paper bag from shopping malls that proclaim the name of the shop or brand, in the guise of recycling.

But really, it would look so much better if you were to carry your lunch box in a cool lunch tote, instead one of those fragile plastic or paper bags. It’ll also save you from having to endure embarrassing glances from your colleagues.

Siti Nur Aminah, 26, says that she used to carry her lunch box in a paper bag but after using them a couple of times, they got dirty and out of shape.

“So, I looked for a better alternative and found a sweet woven bag from a craft shop in Penang and used that for my homemade lunch and water bottle,” she adds.

“My friends at the office complimented me and some of them even asked me to order one for them,” says Siti Nur, a human resource executive with a bank.

Woven bag turned into lunch bag.

“There’s no point wearing fashionable clothes to work and then carrying around an ugly plastic bag. That will not do justice to my look!” says fashion enthusiast Ting Li Choo, who likes the idea of having a separate bag to carry her lunch box.

“I have a reusable tote bag that I put my lunch container, apple and water bottle in. Not only is the bag washable and durable, it’s stylish enough to be carried around. So far, it has served me very well,” adds the 24 year old marketing executive.

Ting says she refuses to put her lunch box in her handbag, as it will leave an unpleasant odour. The idea here is simple: trade your ugly looking plastic bag for an attractive, reusable and durable bag to put your lunch box in. It looks classy and you’ll be doing the environment a favour, too!

The trick to getting the right one shouldn’t be too complex, either. It should be a practical bag made out of washable material, which can be easily cleaned just in case you accidentally spill your lunch or drink inside the bag. The best kin Bcbg Dresses d of lunch bag is one that is made from neoprene (wetsuit material), and not vinyl o Bcbg Dresses r PVC bag. When it comes to the colour of the lunch bag, go for shades that aren’t t Bcbg Dresses oo flashy or gaudy, especially if you want to take it to the office. A lunch bag in basic colours like black or brown would go a long way.

Stick with basic colours like black or brown.

Of course, it’s also a chance to show off your personality. There’s no rule against carrying a colourful bag as long as it doesn’t make you look like you’ve grabbed your kid’s Hello Kitty lunch bag by mistake!

As for the size, think of what you’re going to put in it. Do you always pack a complete lunch meal? Or are you a light snacker who’s happy with an apple, a packet of almonds and a bottle of water? Find something that would be appropriate for your needs.

One option is to check out Daiso, a Japanese lifestyle shop that offers a variety of cool totes spec Bcbg Dresses ifically for carrying lunch boxes. (Yes, the Japanese think of everything!) Most of them have a leak proof interior, and come in different sizes and colours. What’s even more attractive is that everything is available at a fixed price of RM5.

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