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Open Jaw Flights

What are open jaw flights

Open jaw flights are round trips where the traveler is not landing at Bcbg Outlet the same airport as where he is departing from. Another possibility is that he is leaving from another airport on his way back.

Return trip Liverpool > RotterdamIn the first image there is a flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Boston (BOS). The returning flight is from New York (JFK) to San Francisco (SFO). De traveler is using other transport over land to travel between the different airports.

Why you want to use an open jaw ticket

Lately I had the next conversation with a friend of mine.

“Toby, I have found a nice trip to New York for only 400 EUR.”

“Thats a nice price, but i thought you want to go to New York and Boston.”

“Yes that’s what i’am going to do. I rent a car and travel to Boston. Then I travel back to New York and fly home.”

“Why haven’t you booked a flight to New York, travel to Boston with public transport and fly back home from Bosto Bcbg Outlet n.”

“Is it possible to get a cheap flight then.”

Absolute. In most times this way of traveling is cheap, both national as international flights.

In which situations you can use an open jaw construction

In the following situations you can use an open jaw construction:

When you visit multiple places in the country of destination or in the country of departure. During cruise trips where the boot is not traveling back to the place of departure. Multi city or multi country trips. Open jaw flights in general are cheaper than two single trips.

The price of an open jaw flight

How the price of an open jaw tickets is build up. This I will also explain with an e Bcbg Outlet xample. I will use example 1 from above. The prices in this example are pure hypothetical to show you how it works.

Imagine: the cheapest round trip Amsterdam London will cost you Bcbg Outlet $60 and the cheapest round trip London Rotterdam will cost you $70.

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